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World Tourism Day 2021 : Inclusive Growth with Local Tourism Stakeholders in Nigeria

In line with the global theme focused on inclusive growth, the 36DN conducted a mapping of critical stakeholders. The findings showed that there are relatively ‘new’ stakeholders and drivers of local tourism which include beauty and fashion influencers, travel bloggers, photographers, hiking groups and motorcycle clubs/groups, who in their sub-sectors rely on tourism governance and hospitality service delivery to operate. Notwithstanding, the traditional stakeholders include government agencies and bodies, tour agencies and operators, tour guides, and hospitality and hotel managers, event organizers  and so on, that continue to provide technical expertise and lessons for growth. As a result of this new wave of tourism activities, led by new drivers in Nigeria, there is a need to build trust, assess the capacities of each stakeholder and find areas for partnership and collaboration.

UNWTO event page: https://www.unwto.org/node/12336


The event therefore provided an interactive and social platform for ALL stakeholders to interact and share experiences and leverage on expertise, to highlight the linkages between tourism and other sectors, as well as celebrate local cuisine, music, arts and culture.

The mixer was hosted on September 27th 2021, on World Tourism Day at Mambaah Cafe located within the CANS Park in the heart of Abuja ( the Capital of Nigeria) which offered local cuisine in an eco-friendly and  atmosphere

There were live performances by the ARB Music Band, Rukkaiya Iman ( A spoken word poet) and Jason (and Afro-beat/RnB musician).

Guest were encouraged to sign up as local tour guides, and stakeholders to register on the website to join the 36DN marketplace. To do this: visit the website and click on the “register” tab.

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