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About Us

About 36 Destinations


36 Destination Nigeria offers a travel and tourism information hub and market place for users (the traveller experiencing wanderlust) and service providers (airlines, hotels, event organizers, entertainers, cultural conservation activist and so on) and investors through information dissemination and management ( on the website and mobile application); customized travel packages;  consulting, marketing and advertising services; membership benefits and subscription; quality and customer service certification; and ongoing research and advocacy.

Our goal is to become the number one most used and visited resource for and about travel within Nigeria. For both national and international service providers such as tour agencies, hotel conglomerates, and airline alliances, 36 Nigeria will serve as a market place to coordinate and provide tourism and hospitality services. Travelers can also enjoy personalized and luxury travel experiences and packages.

Product and Services

36 Destinations Nigeria offers the following products;  

  • Website and mobile application: which will serve as information hubs that will feature information about Nigeria: more specifically how to plan trips, arrange for local transportation, access local tour guides. It will also provide up to date information on food and entertainment, tourist attractions, weather, security, investment opportunities. Finally it will feature links to third party service providers in the 36 Group and network.

Vacation Packages: customized and tailored vacation packages ranging from student budget to luxury travel. This will leverage on existing resources and include referrals to certified service providers.

Passport 36: a project documenting and promoting nation building and unity through travel and tourism

36 Destinations Nigeria offers the following services:

Marketing and Advertising: through campaigns and online content development (offered at different rates)

Membership Subscription: provides customers/users with discounts and offers presented from service providers

Certification: for service providers upon quality review and customer service orientation of their services

  • Consulting: for service providers, investors and government bodies/actors
  • Research, Development and Advocacy: on the impact of tourism investment and services on economic growth; the nexus between tourism and (economic and human) development; advocacy on cultural heritage and wildlife conservation

Mission Statement

36 Destination Nigeria addresses the information gap on travel and tourism in Nigeria. Up-to-date event, booking information allowing better planning and ultimately taking advantage of Nigeria’s tourism potential

Vision Statement

36 Destinations Nigeria will simplify travel by making available accessible and up to date travel and tourism information and resources for travelers and service providers.

Value Proposition

36 Destinations Nigeria solves the information gap problem for travelers, service providers and investors interested in Nigerian tourism and hospitality by compiling resources on a centralized platform.

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