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Cross River State – By Olayinka Olusegun, Founder of Pinnacle lifestyle

I made it to Obudu Mountain Resort. Obudu Mountain Resort.

Obudu Mountain Resort, formerly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch lies in the heart of Cross River state, Nigeria and it is located in Obanliku Local Government area. It was established in 1951 by McCaughley, a Scottish rancher who first explored the mountain ranges in 1949. With a spectacular serene and an altitude of 1,716 meters above sea level, the resort has been a popular destination for thousands of People; including locals and foreigners.


  1. Transportation: I first took a flight from Lagos to Enugu. You must know that even though Obudu Mountain Resort rests on the soil of cross river, it is better to go through Enugu. From the Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu Obudu town was about 6 hours long by bus ( @Pinnaclelifestyles can help you with that).
  2. Security: there were several security checkpoints on the road to Obudu. 7 in particular.
    Too many if you ask me.
  3. Accommodation: I would recommend Abebe lodge because it was quite affordable. It only cost N10,000 per night, so for the three (3) days I was there, I spent N30,000.If you’re on a budget, Abebe lodge is your best option.
  4. Activities at the Obudu Mountain Resort, I visited some tourist sites such as the Holy Mountain, Presidential Villa, Grotto waterfall, Canopy Walkway, African Hut Arena, and Becheve Nature Reserve. To locate and visit these places with ease, I hired a tour guide who took me around for the entire 3 days I was there.1- Holy MountainThe Holy Mountain is the highest peak on the range. It was reportedly discovered by missionaries who came to the Obudu mountain many years ago. The mountain got its name from people who come visiting for prayers, believing in its spiritual potency.2- Presidential VillaThis view takes your breath away and makes you appreciate the wonderful creation of God.

    3- Grotto waterfall & Natural Pool

    Grotto is another mini waterfall with a swimming pool. But unlike Natural Pool, Grotto has been modified a little to allow the water to accumulate at its bed, forming a deep pool.

4- Canopy Walkway

The Canopy Walkway is a 100m swinging bridge suspended above the forest.

5- African Hut Arena

African Hut Obudu Ranch is an accommodation in Obudu Mountain Resort.

6- Becheve Nature Reserve

The Becheeve Nature Reserve is a conservation forest filled with various species of plants and animals. There are many species of trees and it holds some trees have been there before civilization.

There are several other sites to visit at the ranch but I couldn’t see them all mainly because of the time and weather.

I would like to point out the fact that food is a scarce commodity at the ranch and what do they say about scarce commodities? They are expensive.

Survival Kits You need at Obudu Mountain Resort.
1- Sweater
2- Neck Cover and hand gloves
3- Socks, jeans, top and sneakers
5- Bag and water bottle

There’s so much to say about Obudu mountain resort all you need to plan for getaway or vacation.

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My name is Olayinka Olusegun
Founder of Pinnacle lifestyle

PINNACLE LIFESTYLE is a Nigerian Tourist and Travel Photograph Who is Passionate About Explorative Tourism in Nigeria and Around the World.

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