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Ondo State

Brief History

Ondo State is a Nigerian state with Akure as the capital, created in February 1976 from the former western state. It borders states like Ekiti state, Kogi state, Edo state, Delta state, Ogun state, Osun state and the Atlantic Ocean. Nicknamed the “Sunshine State”, Ondo State is the 18th largest state, in the country. The state economy is dominated by the petroleum industry, with cocoa production, asphalt mining, and active ities utilizing the state’s extensive coastline also serving as major economic factors. It consists of 18 local governments.

Festivals and Traditions

There are different festivals in Ondo state, aimed at celebrating their beliefs, culture and heritage. These

  • Ariginya Festival: Ariginya is one of foremost tradition of festivals ever celebrated in IkareAkoko. It comes up in May every year. It is a cultural practice that does not only encourage young ladies to preserve their purity and virginity, but equally serves as a moral tool against sexual abuse and the spread of sexual endemics.
  • Odun-oba Festival: It comes up in July each year to suggest a total subjugation of the people of Ode – Ondo to the Osemawe and his hordes. It usually last seven days.
  • Egungun (or masquerade) Festival: It is an important celebration amongst the Yoruba people, who believe that the masked figures represent the spirits of the dead who return annually to reunite with the living. It is celebrated across the state with music and dance.
  • Orosun Festival: Orosun Festival in Idanre is an annual festival, which is celebrated in May or early June every year.
  • Mare Festival: The state governor initiated the festival in 2009 to celebrate the natural and cultural potential in the state and to celebrate the diversity of cultures in the state.
  • Ekimogun Festival: It is a festival to showcase the rich culture and tradition of the land.

Tourists Attractions and Locations

  • Tourists are attracted to quite a lot of things like the festivals, natural resources, their cash crops, medical facilities, natural features, languages, culture and heritage, arts, landscapes etc, in Ondo state. Some of these attractions include;  Deji of Akure Palace: It is located in Akure, the state capital. The palace is the traditional home of town’s rulers. It is a great place to learn about the people and historical monuments relating to the establishment of Akure.
  • Idanre Hills: Are one of the most beautiful landscapes in Ondo state and Nigeria. The Great steps with 660 steps and five resting points set at least 100 meters apart leads up into the hills, amongst others describes the unique features of this community
  • Igbokoda Waterfront: It is located in Ilaje Local Government Area in Ondo state. The waterfront also offers activities such as boating, swimming, picnic, boat regatta, diving and much more.
  • Cave of Ashes: It is home of the oldest pre-historic man in West Africa as its skeleton was discovered by Professor Thurstan Shaw, an archeologist from University of Ibadan.

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