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Jigawa State– By Ameer, Founder of Inside Jigawa

Welcome to Jigawa State ! Here are a few suggestions for places you must see while visiting. We look forward to hosting you:

Ibrahim Saminu Turaki’s Tower

The Ibrahim Saminu Turaki’s Tower is one of Jigawa’s most popular and iconic tourist attractions. Built by Ibrahim Saminu Turaki, the former Governor of Jigawa State, the tower is accessible via a trail upward and it offers the best view of the city.

Dutsen Mesa Rock painting site, Birnin Kudu

Presently, there is only one location in West Africa that maintains  ancient prehistoric rock paintings dating as far back as the BCs. This is found in  Birnin Kudu, Jigawa State, Nigeria. The fascinating thing is that they’re not just markings on the rocks, they’re actual works of art:  paintings of cattle, sheep and herdsmen, made with actual white and red paint.The Birnin Kudu Rock painting was ‘discovered’ by the British during  colonization   in 1950-1955. Then, this landamark was is notable for having a collection of ancient rock gongs which were used as musical instruments and warning bell. Birnin Kudu rock paintings are one of the fascinating proofs of ancient human civilization in Sub Saharan Africa. These paintings are reputed to be more than two millennia old, situated in the lush landscape of Northern Nigeria. The historic significance of this location is overwhelming. It proves that there have been some sort of civilization in the area now known as Nigeria. The Birnin Kudu Rock Painting is very safe location to visit at all times in a year. The pictures do not do it justice.

Ancient City of Gumel

Gumel or Gumal or  Lautai Birnin Mamman (as natives call it) is an ancient traditional emirate in Jigawa State. It lies on latitude 12.38’N and longitude 9.24’E and approximately 1200 feet\370m above sea level. The total land area of the emirate is approximately 1310 square miles or 3400 square kilometers. It borders  Niger Republic on the North side, Machina Emirate (Yobe State) on the North-East, Hadejia Emirate (in Jigawa State) on the East, Kano Emirate (Kano State) by the West, and about one mile on the northwest by Kazaure Emirate (in Jigawa State) and Daura Emirate (Katsina State). 

Gumel is a city and traditional Emirate in Jigawa State, Nigeria. The Emirate was founded by Muhammadu Diga Bin Ali brother of Mai-Borno Dunama Bin Ali (Sayfawa dynasty) in the year 1700AD. The kingdom survived the Fulani attacks of Shehu Usman DanFodio’s (Holy war) in the early 19th century and never became part of the Fulani Empire of Sokoto. The ancestors, founders and rulers of Gumel are Mangawa who established a dynasty that survived from 1700AD to date. The Manga of Gumel traced their immediate home of origin to Ngazargamu-Borno and their distance home to Kanem and Yemen. Early migration of the Manga in the 17th century from the region north of Birnin Gazargamu to the territories southwest were attributed to the series of attacks and famines that characterized the period. They settled at various places like Shedika, Babaye, Dogoma, Tumbi (which are all in Niger Republic now) and their present settlement Gumel. The emirate became a tributary location of the Borno Kingdom in 1828 during the reign of Mai Muhammadu Dan tanoma after the death of his predecessor Muhammadu Dan Hauwa (Dan Auwa) who refused to obey the order of Shehun borno Amin El-kanemi, in his attempt to pacify and re-secure the western part of Borno.

It is noteworthy that the pre-colonial territory of Gumel Emirate was much larger than its present size with substantial part of it been placed under Niger Republic by the Ango-French Boundary Commission.

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